Below is a small collection of reviews ranging from 2010 to 2016. For a larger selection of more up-to-date testimonials, please click here.

Summit on behalf of Homebase

“I would just like to feedback that the 2 pieces that were attached to your email yesterday were spot on in terms of language, tone and discussion around the products themselves and suggested images. Please pass our compliments on to the writer. Thank you.”

Costa Brava Villas via Workaway.info


“Jenny has rewritten some of the text on my website. For these texts she did research on the subjects. She is very good at this; the quality of the website has improved. Jenny is precise, self-disciplined, independent, organized and she is pleasant company. Very capable of doing her jobs, I am very happy with the results.”

HELLO! Magazine Katherine Robinson, Senior Writer

“I was extremely impressed by Jenny while she was working under my guidance. She adapted quickly to writing in the HELLO! style and tone (something which often takes even experienced journalists months to grasp) and became a valuable member of the team.

“Her writing was accurate and inventive, and she had no problems selecting the most appropriate angle for our publication. In terms of technical ability she was also more than proficient, navigating our editors with ease and creating news pieces in multiple formats, also doing her own picture work – downloading photos from our agencies and working on them in Photoshop.

“Jenny was a pleasure to work with. She was professional and pleasant, with a real ‘can do’ attitude, and was invaluable to us during the holiday period when we are always down on numbers. The quality of her work was commendable, and also the quantity. She was a quick learner and a fast worker, and could work to tight deadlines and under pressure – notably turning round a breaking news piece on Princess Mary of Denmark expecting twins very quickly indeed.

“Her stories and picture galleries were always well researched and regularly appeared in our ‘most popular’ section – which means they received the most clicks from our users. I am sure Jenny will have a fantastic career in journalism, or indeed whichever profession she turns her hand to. I only wish we could have kept her with us for longer.”