Travel memoirs

As an author and avid reader, books are generally the first thing I pack when I’m preparing for a trip. Whether you’re old school like me or prefer a Kindle, here are a few of my favourite travel memoirs.

Hokkaido Highway BluesWill Ferguson
In his amusing and enlightening memoir, Will Ferguson follows the Cherry Blossom Front from one end of Japan to the other – by hitchhiking. According to Ferguson, this had never been done before. No doubt his journey has inspired a flurry of similar trips!

Neither Here Nor ThereBill Bryson
This hilarious travel memoir recounting a series of ridiculous adventures through Europe was what inspired me to write my own book.  The author’s famously caustic humour is seriously addictive, so much so that I’ve read this three times!

Eat Pray LoveElizabeth Gilbert
A cliche to include this perhaps, but there’s a reason everyone loves it so much. Funny, tender and excruciatingly honest, this incredible memoir journeys with its readers through India, Bali and Italy.

BoyRoald Dahl
An oldie but a goodie. With funny and unusual anecdotes about his childhood, this isn’t exclusively a travel memoir, but it does include chapters on summers spent in Norway – and Oslo has been on my bucket list ever since.

Snowball OrangesPeter Kerr
This warm, funny book takes you on a journey with the Kerr family as they leave Scotland to grow oranges on a farm in Mallorca – and realise their new orange farm is a bit of a lemon…

Miss AdventuresAmy Baker
When journalist Amy Baker quit her job to backpack around South America, she was given all sorts of advice from everyone she knew. But who does it actually pay to listen to?

La MochileraJenny MacLean
I couldn’t very well make a list of travel memoirs and not include my own! Preview La Mochilera – which is Spanish for The Backpacker – and buy it on Amazon for £3.99 (Kindle edition) and £8.99 (paperback). And don’t worry, it’s written in English! Although you may learn a few words of Spanish, Portuguese and Italian…

There are so many great travel memoirs out there that I’m bound to have missed some of your favourites. Let me know if you’ve read a brilliant travel book recently that deserves to be on this list!