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La Mochilera: Now available on

Three months in Europe spent keenly observing and scribbling in my little notebook. Six months of turning scribbles into coherent sentences. A year and a half of proofreading, editing and polishing.

I am both thrilled and incredibly relieved that my first book – a humorous travel memoir that spills the beans on my adventures around Spain, Portugal and Italy – is finally complete after many sleepless nights and midnight chocolate raids. It’s called La Mochilera (which means The Backpacker in Spanish) and the Kindle Edition is available on Amazon for just £3.99. You can also buy the paperback for £8.99.

Like to try before you buy? Here’s a sneak preview…

If you decide to buy my book, firstly – thank you. I really hope you enjoy it. If you do, I’d appreciate a review on Amazon. Thanks again and happy reading!