10% off Eco Holidays

Hey, fellow travellers!

How do you fancy 10% off an awesome, eco-friendly holiday?

Great news – I’ve teamed up with the guys at Eco Companion to offer you 10% off eco-friendly tours, projects and accommodation.

What is Eco Companion?

Eco Companion is the home of eco-friendly holidays, including tours, projects and accommodation.

From diving in the Azores to big cat conservation in Costa Rica, they offer amazing projects all over the world, ranging from one night to a one year Professional Field Guide Course, and with options to suit all budgets.

Tours and projects

There really is something for everyone: orangutan rescue projects in Indonesia, shark conservation in Fiji and a wildlife photography tour through Mexico (they do a monarch butterfly migration tour here too!) and so much more.

If landscapes are your thing, you can go trekking through rural India, book an activity holiday in the French Alps or explore the highlights of Uganda.

There are also some really unique trips, such as a polar bear migration fly-in photo safari (which sounds so awesome) and volunteering with giant pandas.


Looking for quirky, eco-friendly accommodation? How about a lion camp in Kenya, a treehouse lodge in Peru or waking up to howler monkeys in a canopy tower in Panama?

You can also book beach nature reserves in Australia, luxury resorts in the Maldives and even hand-carved igloos in Switzerland.

Basically, whatever type of holiday you want, you’ll probably find it on Eco Companion!

How do I get my discount?

There are two ways to secure your 10% off:

  • Preferred: Either come to me directly, via Instagram @jetplanejenny or email info@jetplanejenny.com and I’ll refer you to one of the team. You can also fill out my contact form.
  • Reference my name – Jenny or jetplanejenny will do the trick – when you submit a booking request on the Eco Companion website. The team will come back to you with a personalised itinerary and you’ll get 10% off when it’s time to pay

Sound good? Start browsing today to find your perfect eco-friendly holiday and get 10% off what could be the trip of a lifetime!

Why should I go on an eco-friendly trip?

Great question! The fact is, humans have made more of an impact on the world than any other species, and while the impact is not always harmful, our footprint is growing ever-larger. Manmade industries have created emissions that have fundamentally altered the Earth’s ecosystems, oceans and rivers have been polluted and overfished, and the habitats of many species have been destroyed.

As one of the world’s largest industries, tourism has a huge global impact. When tourists flock to an area in their masses, not all of the impacts are positive. Overuse of water, rising pollution levels and increased pressure on endangered species are just a few examples.

There are also socio-cultural and economic implications: local sites, festivals and rituals may be turned into commodities for the consumption of tourists, for instance. And did you know that, on average, over 80% of the money travellers pay for an all-inclusive package holiday goes to airlines, tour operators and other international companies, rather than to local workers and businesses?

Mass tourism can be damaging, which is why ecotourism – a sustainable tourism industry that protects local environments and people – is becoming increasingly popular. This is where companies like Eco Companion come in.

How do I know my trip will actually be eco-friendly?

An important question, especially when greenwashing (when an organisation claims to be ‘green’ or ‘eco’ without actually operating in a sustainable manner) is on the rise.

Eco Companion uses a World Rating System to rank each experience in terms of sustainability, empowering you to make an informed choice, while driving up standards of sustainability.

Good to know

Eco Companion was founded by ‘Eco King’ Max Sinclair, who is super passionate about bringing people together to save the beautiful planet we call home. You can find him on Instagram using the handle below, or click here.

Follow Eco Companion on Instagram for travel inspiration and to see where your next trip could take you!