Eight (or should that be ate?) reasons I gained weight while travelling

When I jacked in my career and kick-started a life of long-term travel some four years ago, I was so excited for the changes my new lifestyle would bring.

I couldn’t wait to see the world, have new experiences, explore new cultures, meet new people…and maybe even lose some weight doing it!

Um, no.

I can’t tell you exactly how much weight I put on over the course of my travels (I refused to step on the scales), but I’m willing to hazard a guess at around eight kilos in four years.

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Jetplanepenny…for your thoughts

“What are you reading?” I inquired.

My travel buddy looked up from his book. “A philosophy book. It’s called Letters from a Stoic.”

Interesting. I’d been expecting John Grisham or Dan Brown, not a collection of philosophical musings dating back almost 2,000 years.

The literature geek in me stirred from its slumber as I put down my embarrassing chick lit book and peered across at its antithesis.

“I’ve just read a really interesting chapter on travel, actually,” he continued. My eyes must have lit up because he saved his page and handed the book to me. “Feel free to have a read.”

Which is exactly what I did, before snapping a few pictures to pass it on to jetplanejenny readers!

Read on – and let me know your thoughts in the comments box below.

Image by Wade M.
Image by Wade M.

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Ping Pong Shows and Ladyboy Cabaret: Bangkok’s Biggest Must Do’s?

Within ten minutes of arriving at my hostel in Bangkok, I’d been accosted by a group of Canadians and asked whether I wanted to join them at a ping pong show that evening. Keen to make friends (I’d booked to stay for five nights) and eager to tick this renowned ‘must-do’ off my bucket list, I agreed. An hour later, we found ourselves in a seedy bar with low lighting, a few scattered audience members and six girls on stage in lingerie looking like they’d rather be anywhere else.

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