Why I can’t stand being marooned on this godforsaken island

And why that headline would be very different if I lived in Santorini or the Seychelles.

Let me whisk you back to a gloomy (probably) day in February 2016 – the 15th, to be precise. 

As we geared up to the ill-fated Brexit vote, Emma Thompson said we’d be mad not to stay in the EU, and described the UK as a “tiny little cloud-bolted, rainy corner of sort-of Europe; a cake-filled misery-laden grey old island”. 

In today’s ridiculous society, where no-one can say anything or have an opinion without all hell breaking loose, her comments attracted much criticism. But why, when almost all of it is fact? Sure, not everyone is misery-laden, but Britain is indisputably grey, cloudy and prone to excessive rain. 

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6 reasons Copenhagen sucks

This isn’t one of those annoying headlines that gets flipped on its arse and actually ends up telling you how incredibly amazing Copenhagen is. Nope – this article is an honest account of why Copenhagen is utterly shite.

How did I end up somewhere so awful? I fell victim to various accounts from various friends, all of whom painted Copenhagen as a real ‘must see’. Someone even told me it’s their favourite city in Europe. Oh dear.

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Going to Vietnam? 10 brutally honest tips you NEED to know

How apt are you at dealing with culture shock?

Being thrust into dizzyingly unfamiliar surroundings is one surefire way to find out! Enter Vietnam…by far the craziest, noisiest and most difficult country I travelled through in my four years of global gallivanting.

But how long does the disorientation stemming from culture shock generally last? One or two days? Up to a week? What happens when it consumes the entire trip?

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