Going to Vietnam? 10 brutally honest tips you NEED to know


How apt are you at dealing with culture shock?

Being thrust into dizzyingly unfamiliar surroundings is one surefire way to find out! Enter Vietnam…by far the craziest, noisiest and most difficult country I travelled through in my four years of global gallivanting.

But how long does the disorientation stemming from culture shock generally last? One or two days? Up to a week? What happens when it consumes the entire trip?

I spent my first day in Vietnam utterly bewildered, picking my way through the chaos of a Communist country that ironically appeared to run entirely ungoverned by any road, social or safety regulations.

A seasoned traveller, I presumed my feelings of discomfort would fade in the face of my easy ability to adapt to most environments.

However, four weeks went by and I was still struggling to overcome the challenges of travelling through a country where nothing seemed to make any sense.

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