Instagram Brand Ambassador

Put me up for a night, pack me off on a trip or send me a product aimed at backpackers, holidaymakers or digital nomads and I’ll post about it on Instagram, and write a review on my blog. 

It’s a win-win

You tap into a whole new audience while I receive valuable insights into the travel industry and boost my standing as a travel authority – which you can  leverage should we continue to work together.

I currently have over 5,000 followers and counting. Research consistently shows that brands experience higher engagement and more conversions when working with smaller scale influencers – so why not get in touch and give it a go?

In the interest of trust and transparency, I will always disclose sponsored posts and give an honest opinion of your product or service.

Current partners

Eco Companion  is a booking engine for truly sustainable tours, projects and accommodation all around the world. Using an innovative system to rank experiences in terms of sustainability, Eco Companion aims to encourage more people towards ecotourism and eliminate ‘greenwashing’ (when an organisation claims to be ‘green’ or ‘eco’ without operating in a sustainable manner) to help the industry achieve true sustainability.

In founder Max Sinclair’s words: “Tourism is one of the world’s largest industries and, as such, has a huge global impact. But at the moment, the effects are not always positive. Travel needs to be done differently. We need a sustainable tourism industry. Join us and be part of the eco-revolution!”