Brand Ambassador

Put me up for a night, feed me or send me off on a trip…and I’ll share my experience on Instagram and/or my website. Similarly, if you have a travel gadget, app, accessory or any other product aimed at backpackers, holidaymakers or digital nomads, I can feature it in an Instagram post or review it on my website.


It’s a win-win

You tap into a whole new audience while I receive valuable insights into the travel, food and fitness industries and boost my standing as an authority on these topics – which you can  leverage should we continue to work together.

I currently have almost 6,000 followers and counting. Research consistently shows that brands experience higher engagement and more conversions when working with smaller scale influencers – so why not get in touch and give it a go?

In the interest of trust and transparency, I will always disclose sponsored posts and give an honest opinion of your product or service.