Passenger Information

Hey there! I’m Jenny, made in Britain but born to travel the world. I left the UK in April 2014, and since then I’ve set foot in six continents, visited 28 countries and lived in Spain and Australia.

I’ve slept in hostels, hotels, boats, monasteries, hammocks, tents and on couches, floors and overnight trains. I’ve caught planes, trains, coaches, tuk tuks, ferries and songthaews to get me from A to B. I’ve ridden a horse through a caiman-infested swamp, snorkelled with sharks and slept under the stars in more places than I can count.

Looking for a travel writer? I’m experienced – but I’m also qualified.

I’ve got a degree in English Literature from a redbrick university. I’ve written for Matador Network, Thomas Cook, easyJet, Flybe and Asda Travel Money – plus a raft of businesses outside of the travel industry including WW (the new Weight Watchers) and HELLO! magazine.

I’ve been a news journalist, editor, proofreader, SEO content developer and marketing executive working across both print and digital. I’ve had my photos shared by official tourism boards. I’ve written a book about my travels through Europe. I’m an Instagram Brand Ambassador for Eco Companion.

Do you need quality content or expert advice?

If you need content, editing or proofreading services in the travel industry or otherwise, take a look at my portfolio and get in touch!

Similarly, if you’re looking for a brand ambassador on Instagram, I’m your girl. I also create travel itineraries.

And if you just have a question about your upcoming trip or long-term budget travel? I’d love to help. I’m always reachable via email or Instagram, so feel free to reach out.